2012 Box Gardening

~by linds

this year, the franklin farm is box gardening.

so basically, we built boxes in our yard and will be layering mulch, newspaper, cardboard, compost, and organic soil to keep the weeds to a minimum.

but first, we cooked last year’s compost using old glass windows and garbage bags.

we admit to being lazy gardeners last year, but to our amazement, we still have plenty of spring harvest!  we have kale, violets, garlic, onions, sorrel, thyme, oregano, mother wart, and a 5th generation strawberry rhubarb plant that we can finally harvest this year.

we love our farm.  ❤

readysetgo harvest

–by linds

we picked 5 cucumbers and saw three ripe tomatoes on july 23!  readysetgo harvest all summer long.

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franklin farm time

–by linds

for a short time, the weeds kind of got the best of us.  we (or some of us i should say) couldn’t tell the difference between the weeds and the good stuff…  but we found a solution; we got organized.  now we each have our own bed to weed (and to know and love) and a day to water.  (see the map below for an at-a-glance franklin farm time weeding and harvesting overview).

European style laundry: only the best for the Franklin Farm

Photo Credit: Anna

Two pulleys, two hooks, a rope, and voila!  We have a clothesline that runs between our second floor apartment windows.  Ah, life in an intentional living community.

–by linds

wednesday dinners

-by holly

wednesday nights we all get together for a meal at the farm.  instead of potluck style with each contributing (which i am also a big fan of), each household takes a turn hosting for everyone.  that means one week you make dinner for a table full of people, then three weeks you get to just show up.  normally we have a vegetarian meal because one of our farmers is a vegetarian.  we used to also do gluten-free at our meals for a farmer who had celiac disease.  some weeks we have an option or two on the table that doesn’t fit those parameters.

like this week.

this week, greg made a masterpiece, and we had to document it.

carolyn working to carve the roast chicken


this morning we woke up to…oh…over a foot of snow.  massi called in to work and was told he needed to come in.  after shoveling sidewalks to put That off, he got a call:  don’t come in after all.  he got so excited that he decided to shovel everyone’s cars out.  franklin farmers are now able to leave the farm!

thank you massi!  this is what makes living in community a reason to smile.

a new little experiment

tomorrow, the founders of the franklin farm start a new little experiment:  selling our wares.  we’ll be visiting our friends at the Underground Bakery and selling herbs and such.  wanna know more?  read a quick blurb or two here:

franklin farming one page newsletter

creating a place to survey the work of our hands

this saturday, we’ll be getting the garden ready for the growing season (though it’s already started in many ways).

the big plan is to create a way to be able to sit in the garden, enjoying the work and beauty we’ve created, so we will be turning a corner of the garden into a “patio,” reusing stones and bricks from a friend who no longer needed them, and putting on that patio a fire pit…. this is a big job and though we want it there so we can enjoy this big season of work just starting, we don’t want it to take too much time to get us there.


garden party!  join us:


apartment b

we have an upstairs apartment that will be available for rent will have new farmers moving into it this june 1st.  two bedrooms, two baths, office, large dining room, beautiful colors, peaceful home waiting for the right farmers to join us.

this is the living room, set between the front bedroom and the office space.

the office, at the front of the house.

view from the living room to the front bedroom on the left and through the hallway to the dining room to the right.  behind/to the right is the office.

front bedroom, looking into living room.

bathroom connected to front bedroom.

dining room.

surprise!  the closet in the dining room has been painted the palest blue with a golden ceiling, currently transformed into a prayer room.

closeup of the prayer closet.

view of dining room from hallway.  arched doorway beyond leads to the kitchen.

the kitchen has space for a breakfast table by a sunny window, right by the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.

other side of kitchen

at the end of the hallway between the kitchen and the back bedroom is the 2nd bathroom, complete with clawfoot tub.

cozy chocolate brown bedroom at the back of the house.

if you or someone you know is interested, please leave a comment and let us know!

one little slot opening up

hey kids,

now’s your chance to join the franklin farm!

if you are a single individual that’s neat, quiet, and responsible looking for an inexpensive housing arrangement that provides the privacy of a studio apartment but the benefits of a shared space, let us know.

here’s how it works:  kellie is looking for a roommate anytime from now through june.  the apartment is divided so that the needed roommate will have their own bedroom and bathroom, share the kitchen and dining room.  rent is $250 plus shared utilities.

contact us if you’re interested in meeting kellie and seeing the apartment, or learning more about the franklin farm!